An enterprise can get valuable customers,clients, buyers, sellers etc from whatsapp status updates by first creating a loyal audience that can be tapped into through viewer-to-client conversion tactics. Since whatsapp is free then all this is for free ! A business that is innovative and resourceful can survive a tough operating environment. By making do with what is there enterprises especially small ones can make a difference. Because of disruptive technology some answers to our most difficult questions have been brought right beneath our noses.

Uncovering the secret power of whatsapp!

The secret of the power of Whatsapp may not be so secret. The provision of “free” instant messaging capabilities has attracted millions of subscribers to whatsapp from mobile operators’ SMS which is charged around 9cents per message. As a result Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator has reported that mobile operators like Econet are losing millions because of popular instant messaging services like Whatsapp. On a global scale Forbes predicted in April 2015,that between 2012 and 2018, the telecommunications industry will lose a combined total of $386 billion.” Wikipedia. As of February 2017 Whatsapp had 1.2 billion users. Its market penetration has been great in Zimbabwe and across the world, Israel being its strongest market because according to Globes already “by 2013 the application was installed on 92% of all smartphones, with 86% of users reporting daily use.” Wikipedia

How to tap into whatsapp?

As noted earlier a business can acquire valuable clients free of charge by taping into whatsapp status updates. This can only be done by first creating a loyal audience. Why? Business success is all about trust and a relationship. There are many ways to start a relationship but one of the best is giving out valuable things for free with no strings attached. Probably the biggest demonstration of this that many have known of for years is the OK Grand challenge in which the retailer’s customers annually win vehicles and residential stands. Of course many do not afford to give out free vehicles but on whatsapp one can share inspirational quotes on status updates and at a defined point in time. Inspirational quotes are readily available on the internet and many people in this stressful world appreciate them so much. So the idea is creating a program like a radio program. A radio program is a very good illustration and we can use it here to learn from it about the following important points.
An inspiring quote that can help you to build a relationship.


A radio program is strictly aired at a given time. Why? This allows interested people to program their own lives for that program and builds into the idea of expectancy. So the time when you post your status updates should be made clear and when that time come your audience should get their inspiration messages in whatever format possible without fail.

2. What the audience want (free inspiration quotes/messages) is primary and what you want (clients) is secondary.

All successful radio programs focus first on building a satisfied audience by delivering the content as promised in terms of both quality and timing before attempting a commercial or pitching a product. As noted earlier the success of any business is built on trust and a relationship. This relationship is first created by these free things then after that you can think of turning your audience to paying customers.

3. Conversion

Once you have created a satisfied audience the biggest question will be “How to convert your audience to paying customers?” My best conversion tactic is that which uses a Post Script at the end of your caption for the quote image you are sending. The Post Script a.k.a P.S should be a question like, “ Do you happen to know anyone willing to buy or sell immovable property?”. This kind of a Post Script as a conversion tactic is effective for two reasons as follows;

i. As a question it triggers a response. Likelihood of a response is high as opposed to just say ‘ If you are selling your house or stand please call 0777 …..”

ii. Its conversational as opposed to a sales pitch and fits the context of a relationship that you would be creating. This type of a question is common between friends. So your relationship with your audience will remain and by so doing it becomes a gold mine that you mine over and over again. On the contrary a conversion tactic that is more like a sales pitch can eventually strain your relationship as your audience will begin to feel ambushed.

I have laid out the basic principles of a strategy that I am using myself. Is it helpful to you? Iam keen to read your feedback pertaining what you think !


  1. in fact the issue of whats App has brought about phenomenal and tremendous changes to peoples lives and businesses . Im greatly indebted by your well informative piece particularly with regards to how we can harness the cheap advertising opportunities offered by whats App

  2. Thanks Mr Takawira for priceless comments about how whatsapp is changing lives and businesses. It reminders me about the characteristics of this media that makes it possible. Here they are;
    1. Client engagement
    Main stream media advertising e.g Herald, Newsday etc has no client engagement coz you do not know who visited your promotion. Whatsapp hwvr shows who visited and allow you to converse thereby deepening the relationship.
    2. Its where people are
    Whatsapp is the mode of technology people use the most to communicate many things including the most profound issues. The verdict of common sense is clear ; there is no better platform to find clients!
    3. Its free
    Except for whatsapp bundles the other cost is your marketing know how, time and effort. It’s a very good media for those starting new businesses and those with tight budgets.

  3. Yes you are right because I already tried this and the results were awesome and amazing. Keep it up buddy :)
    romantic status for whatsapp


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